Rosie and Banjo Puppies   


 Four Weeks Old

Hi everyone! Guess what?  We are four weeks old now, toddling around in our whelping box area, playing with each other and the soft toys that our human mommy gives to us.  Our mommy's milk is so rich - look at us!  We sure are pudgy little fellas!   lol  We got another dose of worming medicine today.  It really isn't that bad, just different from our mommy's milk.  We also got our nails clipped again this week.  That is and will be done every week. No problem.  Oh, almost forgot to tell you the neatest thing!  We are starting to learn how to potty train to a litter box.  We aren't quite sure about it yet, but the idea sounds really neat to us!  Our human mommy can't wait because that means she won't have to do so much laundry all the time.  Lol  Well, hope you like our pictures, aren't we looking so much older this week?

Please click on the images below to enlarge the picture and to see who is who!  That, or just hover over the picture and it will tell you our collar colors.  Thanks for visiting!!  :)

                     We are the little girl puppies.


                     We are the little boy puppies.




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