Holly and Humphrey Puppies  


Six Weeks Old

Hi Everyone!

We are now six weeks old. We are having such a blast these days.  We rough and tumble together and we play with our toys.  We also have been having lots of visitors. :D  It is so much fun playing with people of all ages.  Everyone treats us so very kindly.  This week we will start to not see our mommy any longer.  We are fully weaned and eating four meals a day.  Soon we will be down to three meals a day. Mmmm! How we love our food!  We got our worming medicine again and continue to get our toe nails cut.  It is so easy!  Our human mommy tells us all about how most of us have a family of our own that we will get to go live with we turn eight weeks old.  We are so excited and cannot wait for the big day!  :D 

We hope you enjoy our pictures.  The spots on our heads are not dirt, in case you thought that.  That is the spot of coloring we have been getting since birth to tell us all apart.  Take care till next week!  :)


                     We are all little boy puppies.

Hi, my color is blue.
Hi, my color is black.

Hi, my color is green.
Hi, my color is red.

Hi, my color is orange.
Hi, my color is white.


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