Holly and Humphrey Puppies  


Four Weeks Old

Hi everyone! We are now a full four weeks old and what a difference it makes!  A couple days ago we started eating a second meal of food each day.  Our human mommy was feeding us by hand for good human socialization, but now we each get our own little bowls.  We feel so grown up eating like this!  Later in the week we will start to get a third meal as well. :P yum! Of course, this means we nurse less, but our mommy is still with us throughout the day and night. Everyone here is so proud of us because we have advanced real well with our potty training!  It sure keeps our bedding cleaner.  It does still need to be changed every day though because we ARE still learning.  Oh how we love to play with each other!  What fun!  We also love to play with the cool toys our human mommy gives us...some are soft and fluffy, some are hard, some make all different types of noises, and some don't make any noise. We love them all.  We got our second dose of worming medicine, too. This time we really enjoyed the flavor. Finally, we also got our toenails clipped again. Since it gets done at least once a week, it is really no big deal. 

Well, we think that is about it for this week.  That was a lot of changes for us! We are told life just gets more fun the older we get.  How exciting! 

We hope you like our latest pictures, aren't we looking so much older this week?


                     We are all little boy puppies.

 One of us is still looking for his forever home.

Hi, my color is blue.
Hi, my color is black.

Hi, my color is green.
Hi, my color is red.

Hi, my color is orange.
Hi, my color is white.

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