Be A Foster Family   

Occasionally we find that it is advantageous to place our "pick" puppies or one of our young adults that we have begun  to raise in individual homes. 

This can be a benefit to both the puppy/dog and to the prospective  owners. The puppy/dog has the benefit of having a family all its own to grow up with, and the prospective foster family has the benefit of receiving our pick-of-the-litter puppy at no initial cost.

These puppies/dogs mean very much to us. We have planned and waited patiently for each one of them in so many ways. The individual home we choose will need to understand how valuable this dog is to us in our hearts as well as in our breeding program. 

Please realize that most of our foster puppies/dogs will be a female.  Therefore, once she passes all her health clearances, she will come to our kennel to be bred, be returned to you, and then return here again once she is about 7 weeks along to settle in, whelp, and raise her puppies. Generally, she will be able to go back home to you 6 or so weeks after whelping when the puppies are fully weaned.

If you would like to be considered as a foster family for one of our puppies or younger adult dogs, please text or call me  to discuss the program and what we are looking for in our foster family's home environment. Thank you.

Please ask for Judy.  

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