There has been a major outbreak of Parvo Virus in many localities.  This is a very deadly disease.

Please do not bring your puppies anywhere
where an un-vaccinated puppy/dog may be able to run until he/she has had the full series of puppy vaccinations!  This includes puppy kindergarten classes no matter what the training facility says. Your puppy is at risk until fully vaccinated!

  I feed my dogs Nutri Source large breed dog food.  It is a highly rated 4 paw dog food that has never had a recall.


Click here to read the update on the FDA’s alert on grain free diets. . This can potentially mean a matter of life and death since it could cause congestive heart failure in your dog! 

If you are considering using a different dog food for your puppy/dog, please look at the protein/fat as recommended on my contract for growing Golden Retriever puppies and check this dog food recall list to make sure your food of choice is not on it.


 I highly recommend Victoria Stilwell's training methods.  She has a show on Animal Planet called It's Me or the Dog.  She also has a book with the same name.  This is her official website:

  Please google:

    "Dog Training With Victoria Stilwell - YouTube"              This Teacher's Pet series she makes is excellent and free. :) They are extremely helpful with training your new puppy with her Positively method.  (I couldn't do a direct link, sorry!)

You can also use her site to see if there is a certified Positively trainer in your local area.  :)

When looking for a puppy class and dog trainer, look for one that uses positive-based training.  I also LOVE clicker training!  It is amazing how fast a puppy/dog can learn using this method.  Don't worry, you won't need to carry a clicker around with you for the rest of your life.  It is something that is used to initially teach a new concept/word.  Then it is slowly phased out... just like treats.

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