Millstones-Sonshine Wouldyougowithme


   "Clover" CGC CGCA   

Can. CH. Millstones Do You Believe In Santa



We would like to introduce you to our beloved Clover, my heart  dog, that would go anywhere and do anything with me. In the top pictures you will see a few snapshots of him at about one year of age.  Below is one of him all grown up and receiving his Advanced Canine Good Citizen (CGCA) ribbon. The picture hardly does justice in showing the size of his head is and how thick his bones are. He is absolutely gorgeous! (Everyone who meets him says he looks like a lion.) Clover is a happy, confident, outgoing dog that has never met a stranger, whether two or four footed. He is very smart and has a strong desire to please. By nature he is a very sweet, cuddly, and playful dog preferring cuddle time and walks over playing ball, though he will play fetch for a short time.  Besides playing with his doggie toys and friends, his favorite past time in summer is lying in the kiddie pool.  As you can imagine, he throws beautiful, nicely tempered puppies.

Genetically, besides the health clearances that he has passed (OFA hips-rated good, elbows, eyes, and heart tests), Clover is also clear, by parentage, of many "extra" potential health issues a Golden could have: GRA1, GRA2, Ichthyosis, and Degenerative Myelopathy. These are all DNA tests.  Therefore, because his DNA  is "clear" of these issues, YOUR PUPPY WILL NEVER GET THEM. I'd be happy to explain the science behind breeding a dog with clear DNA  to you should you be interested in one of his puppies.      



                      Here is the song that inspired his name:

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