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Nursery 1

Holly's puppies are here!

Holly had 6 beautiful male puppies born on
 June 21, 2018.

August 17 - 18, 2018.
Holly has no more pups available at this time.

These sweet puppies will be absolutely stunning boys.

Click HERE to see this week's pictures and update of the puppies.

We have one more litter planned for this year. Please see our Planned Litters page for more information.

Above you can see Holly with her newborn puppies in their nice home.  Each puppy has their own spot of color on their fur so that we can monitor the growth and personalities of each puppy as they mature. Because we handle and play with them so much, we do get to know them individually and can "most usually" tell them apart.  However, because all of our puppies are so similar to each other, we feel better knowing with absolute  certainty "who is who" by having them have this spot of color on them. It is also a fun way for you to get to track the puppy as he/she grows because I post weekly pictures of them as they grow from now until they go home. Below you can see a better picture of the puppies. 

Please see our "Breeding Philosophy" page to see how we raise our puppies and what they go home with.

I request a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 to reserve a puppy. Upon receiving a deposit, I will  email weekly pictures of the puppies so you can watch them grow!  

The puppies are picked by the order the deposits are placed.  You are not expected to pick your puppy out until the day you come to take him or her home with you. 

If you are interested in a future puppy, please let me know a little about your lifestyle, family, and dog experience so that we can properly assist you with your new puppy. I prefer this method of communication over using an application form.  Thank you.  

I do, of course, always reserve the right to keep my pick of the litter in order to continue/improve my breeding program.  I also reserve the right to refund a deposit if I decide placement of a puppy in your situation is not in the best interest of the puppy.


                         Thank you for your interest in

                           Sonshine Golden Retrievers

                                            of Indiana!

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