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Rocky has been a blessing to me in all ways.  He not only has the looks that I have been searching for, but the personality as well.  He is the perfect gentleman to all people and dogs that he has met  and is a big 'ol mellow teddy bear.  He is content to lay beside me , but also loves it when I cuddle with him.  When I take him out to the yard to play ball, he usually runs to his leash that I hang over the fence.  From there, he takes it down with his mouth and either stands by the gate  or runs to me  with it.  I know he's telling me that he'd rather go for a walk than play ball (since going for a walk is his favorite thing).  Needless to say, he usually gets his way because he's so adorable!

To view his preliminary clearances, please contact me, and I will gladly email them to you.  I am very pleased, for they were rated as "good"!



                    This is Rocky's typical laid back pose.  Yes, life is good!

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