Skylark and Sammy Puppies  


                                              Six Weeks Old

We are now 6 weeks old!  This week we had our worming medicine again, but this time we also had to get our first puppy-hood vaccination and vet check. We were told that we were all very brave and well behaved through it all. We got our weekly nail clip as well.  The puppy sounds CD is now quite loud when it is played and we still don't even realize it.  We are now solely on solid food and this last week before we leave our mommy is often away from us so that we are used to not seeing her so much. We still love her so much, but are being weaned from her so it is easier to leave her.  If and when it ever stops raining we get to go outside to play during the day.  We have a big area out there and it is lots of fun. We hear we all have new homes with loving people who have been waiting a long time for the day they can actually come to take us home.  We are getting very excited for that day which won't be long now.  Yes, we are almost 7 weeks old! A family of our very own.  How exciting!  Anyways, that means this will be the last picture of us that will be posted.  Thank you for visiting this page to watch us grow.  :)

                     I am the little girl puppy.

  Hi, my collar is!!
Because my family knows I am their puppy already, I already have a special name.  It is Lily!
        I love my new name.  :)


                   We are the little boy puppies.

  Hi, my collar is brown.
  Hi, my collar is dark blue.

  Hi, my collar is green.

  Hi, my collar is light blue.

 Hi, my collar is multicolored. 


   Hi, my collar is orange.
Hi, my collar is purple. It   was black in the one wk pics.

 Hi, my collar is red.

 Hi, my collar is white.



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