One Week Old

One weeks old.

Two Weeks Old

We are now two weeks old and my are we growing! Since last week our eyes and ears have started to open, so we are just starting to get a glimpse of the world around us.  We are also starting to move around quite well (if we don't say so ourselves), on our wobbly little legs.  Everyone is so proud of us!  We are nursing all the time from our wonderfully furry and loving mommy.  She licks us and keeps us clean.  Our human mommy keeps our bedding clean for us.  Her laundry machine is getting quite a work out!  She also clipped our nails again for us. And our entire human family continues to play with us on and off throughout the day.  They are so gentle, warm, and kind.  We also got our first dose of some stuff called worming medicine starting this week.  It is supposed to keep us from getting worms.  We are told it is good for us.  And you know what?  We actually kind of liked it even though it tastes so different than mommy's milk.  Life is great here with our furry mommy, full tummies, clean bedding, a nice temperature monitored room, and all the love that is bestowed upon us!  :)  

Below you can see our updated pictures for this week.

Three Weeks Old

Hi everyone! We are now three weeks old.  So many things are beginning to change for us now.  Our eyes and ears are opening all the more as is our view of the world.  We are now really getting around and playing each other.  It is so much fun to go rough, tumble and snuggle with one another.  We also a bunch of toys to play with, and they all make different noises or are of different materials.  They are a great and fun addition to our living area.  Another thing our human mommy added is a litter pan for us to start to learn how to potty train in.  This is still quite a foreign idea to us right now, but soon we won't be wanting to potty in  our sleeping and play area any longer.  Our human mommy says not to worry, she knows it'll a little bit yet before we start getting the hang of what it means to be potty trained. Our furry mommy is still with us and feeds us well.  We are growing so much with her rich milk. She is such a good mommy.  We love her so much!  BUT,  you know what else?!  Besides all this other stuff, we also just got our first taste of solid food!  It was so yummy, and really fills our tummies.  Our human mommy feeds it from her hand as a form of socialization.  She is so kind, loving, and patient with us, just like our real mommy is. Almost forgot, we also got our toenails clipped again cause they grow so fast and because it is good for us to learn to get used to this.  Enjoy your week.  We'll be in touch again soon. Oh, and one of us is still looking for his forever home, so if you are interested please contact our people! Thanks.  :)

Four Weeks Old

Hi everyone! We are now a full four weeks old and what a difference it makes!  A couple days ago we started eating a second meal of food each day.  Our human mommy was feeding us by hand for good human socialization, but now we each get our own little bowls.  We feel so grown up eating like this!  Later in the week we will start to get a third meal as well.  Of course, this means we nurse less but our mommy is still with us throughout the day and night. Everyone here is so proud of us because we have advanced real well with our potty training!  It sure keeps our bedding much cleaner.  It does still need to be changed every day though because we ARE still learning.  Oh how we love to play with each other!  What fun!  We also love to play with the cool toys our human mommy gives us...some are soft and fluffy, some are hard, some make all different types of noises, and some don't make any noise. We love them all.  We got our second dose of worming medicine, too.  This time we really enjoyed the flavor. Finally, we also got our toenails clipped again. Since it gets done at least once a week, it is really no big deal. 

Well, we think that is about it for this week.  That was a lot of changes for us! We are told life just gets more fun the older we get.  How exciting! 

We hope you like our latest pictures, aren't we looking so much older this week?

Five Weeks Old

Five weeks old.

Six Weeks Old

Six weeks old.

Seven Weeks Old

Seven weeks old.

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