Sonshine Samwise the Brave


                                         Merrygold Just A  Travellin Man CGC TDI


                                                   Sonshine Shall We Dance 

This is Sammy, the latest addition to our family. He is a wonderfully big and beautiful boy with a great combination of his sweet, fun-loving, mom, Mitzi, and his gorgeous, affectionate dad, Traveller Sammy ranked high as the top pick of the litter when I had them all professionally evaluated. He is always happy and loves everyone and every dog he meets.  He'll do anything for a treat!  He loves his walks, a bit of fetch, and stretching out for a nice big rub down. 

As you can see by his pictures here on our extra large grooming table, he is structurally correct, has nice thick bone, a big, beautiful Golden head, and a wonderful thick coat.  We are very pleased with him!


 Here is my favorite music from the movie that inspired his name:

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